From birth, Agias knew he wasn’t meant to live in a city or town. His mother and father, both moon elves in their own right, frequently traveled from city to city in the Dales, reveling in the festivals and bustling of the various peoples they encountered along their travels. While Agias adopted his love of the nomadic lifestyle from his family, civil society’s stringent and controlling nature was not something Agias took to. He preferred the days of travel through the surrounding wood rather than the destinations of the various towns.

Impulsive, Agias often came into contact with lawmen as a child, caught pilfering food from the markets and street vendors. He never felt strongly about the law, but his own needs often took priority even if they went against the local law, which frequently led to his family uprooting and retreating to the surrounding woods, much to his joy.

During one trip in the Dales’ wooded lands, he came upon a druid of the Circle of the Moon. As their beliefs and abilities aligned closely with his own preferences toward nature, he took time to learn their ways and skills to grow closer with lands he held dearly. As a result, he also learned the druidic language, which he hoped would enable him to find some of the secrets lingering in the surrounding woods.

He is often found among the Dales’ forests, staying most often in Arch Wood with its dense trees. However, he often makes his way to the forest of Cormanthor, hoping to discover what ancient secrets might be hidden among the four forests that make up its great expanse.

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Agias – 5th level Male Half Elf Druid