Ever was raised on a small farmstead outside the city of Berdusk with her loving parents. While her existence was humble, it was filled with love and excitement for there was much to explore even though The Reaching Woods was forbidden to enter.

As it happened one night, a knoll raiding party attacked the home of the Canmore’s. Both parents were slain, and their bodies taken. But not before they hid their child in a hidden root cellar.

The next day soldiers from nearby Berdusk found her cowering and shaking in the root cellar and returned her to Berdusk. She lived in an orphanage until 16. She left the orphanage and was given a stipend from the sale of her family’s land.

She left Berdusk with a male companion and headed to the nearby village of Triel where she purchased a dilapidated inn with her inheritance.

She has run this inn for 3 years and with the help of her male companion has managed to turn the inn into a modest place to stay.

She doesn’t speak much about herself or how she came to be there, keeping only the company of her companion. Many have said that often they see her staring east into the Reaching Forest.

Standing short and small-bodied with tan skin, Ever Canmore has a wave of distinctive anger about her.

She has a triangular face with a square jaw, a small nose, hollow cheeks, and large lips. Her dark brown eyes are close-set, and she has thin eyebrows.

Her brown hair is shoulder length and thick and is wavy. She usually wears simple clothes that are mostly white and well-fitting.

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Ever – 3rd level Female Human Fighter / Innkeeper