As is typical of a half-elf, Goldryn was born from a human father and elf mother.

Being raised in a small elf village in the southern edge of High Forest she learned early on that others did not treat her as others due to her parentage. This led to her finding ways to hide her appearance by various means. She worked on mimicry and disguise to start and then discovered that she had the art of sorcery, which she used to further advance her skill at disguise.

With not that many friends and a mother who was almost dismissive of her, she began to branch out of the High Forest and begin to interact with travelers along the Unicorn Run where it converged with The Delimbiyr river.

She eventually found her way to Secomber where her knowledge of the surrounding areas was welcomed. Using her charm and ability to read people gave her a place where she was much more at ease than at home.

She quickly found that should earn money as a guide to areas of High Forest or hiring out as a caravan guard. She would return home less and less. One day she found it had been a year since returning home.

Always looking for the next adventure, Goldryn is not one to shy away from a good-paying job or a possible foray into treasure hunting.

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Goldryn – 4th level Female Half Elf Sorcerer